<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/10/23/56/180731095944.jpg?t=1594255111"><br> 80 Acres off Bogles Ranch Rd. 80 Rural Acres - Remote, Beautiful, Accessible. There are 2 pads and a driveway already cut in. High desert vegetation with sagueros, palo christi, and scrub oak.80 Rural Acs Horses Livestock OK Wikieup AZ! No Property Owners Association, annual fees, or CC&amp;R's. The road to the property from Bogles Ranch Rd is cut in but has not been maintained. Brown Drilling estimates a well depth here at between 250 &amp; 500 feet. 80 Rural Acs Horses Livestock OK Wikieup AZ! Excellent for this part of the area. Wikieup is a small community on highway 93 in Mohave County, Arizona. This is an area of pristine undiscovered beauty. The temperature is milder than that of Phoenix, about 124 miles to the southeast. Wikieup is nestled between the Aquarius and Hualapai Mountains in a valley lying over the Big Sandy Aquifer making wells affordable. This is a great spot in Arizona to find large parcels of land, build a ranch or vacation home. Old mines and abandoned towns make great exploring. 80 Rural Acs Horses Livestock OK Wikieup AZ! <br>